Make Up (15)

Make Up (15)

Director: Claire Oakley

Runtime: 86 minutes

Cast: Cast:Molly Windsor, Joseph Quinn, Stefanie Martini, Lisa Palfrey, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Elodie Wilton

Synopsis: Teenager Ruth travels to a seaside holiday park to stay with her boyfriend Tom. It’s off-season, so the resort is mostly deserted, except for a few residents and a handful of staff charged with sprucing up the place. Ruth gradually settles into her new environment, finding work and making a new friend in the form of make-up enthusiast Jade.

But one afternoon, while giving Tom’s caravan a spring clean, Ruth finds evidence her beau might be cheating on her. As her desire to uncover the truth turns into an obsession, she begins to realise she might be looking for something else entirely.


Set during the off season at a holiday park in Cornwall, director Claire Oakley’s feature debut is a claustrophobic, coming of age tale that inventively flirts with genre conventions to weave a singular tale of self-acceptance and sexual awakening.

When reserved teenager Ruth [Bafta-winner Molly Windsor (Three Girls, 2017; Traces, 2019-20; Cheat, 2019)] finds a smeared lipstick stain on the mirror of her boyfriend Tom’[Joseph Quinn (Les Miserables, TV – 2019; Howards End, 2017) ] and a strand of red hair on his T-shirt, a sense of unease creeps into their caravan. Refusing to confront Tom with the discovery, Ruth tries to find the mysterious red-haired girl. When she starts to work with the confident and vivacious Jade [Stefanie Martini (Prime Suspect 1973, 2017)]. Ruth finds herself both intrigued and fearful of getting closer to Jade. Little does she know something entirely different from jealousy may be haunting her and she starts on a surprising journey of self-discovery, questioning everything she once thought to be true

Claire Oakley transforms her remote coastal setting into an intangible labyrinth of creeping intrigue with atmospheric cinematography by Nick Cooke and music composed by: Ben Salisbury.

Make Up plays with audience expectations in a way that is inventive and exciting.


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Images courtesy of Curzon Artificial Eye