December 08


Tripping with Nils Frahm

Tripping with Nils Frahm

Director: Benoit Toulemonde

Runtime: 87 minutes

Cast: Nils Frahm

Synopsis: A legendary artist at a legendary location. Tripping with Nils Frahm captures a series of mesmerising live performances at the iconic Funkhaus Berlin, on the pianist, composer and producer’s sold-out, worldwide All Melody tour.



Tripping with Nils Frahm captures a series of mesmerising live performances from the much sought-after pianist, composer and producer, at the legendary, iconic venue – Funkhaus Berlin.

Frahm’s unconventional approach and eclectic compositions, from intimate piano pieces to opulent soundscapes, have won him fans and critical acclaim around the world. Bridging the gap between classical and electronic music, his film work includes Sebastian Schipper’s Victoria, James Gray’s Ad Astra, and Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto.

After an ambitious worldwide tour of over 180 sold-out performances of his highly acclaimed album ‘All Melody’, Frahm returned to the legendary location where it all began – Funkhaus Berlin – to host another set of four shows. His long-time collaborator Benoit Toulemonde captured the concerts on film, using only handheld cameras and techniques he has mastered for the acclaimed concert series ‘La Blogotèque’.

This concert film captures several mesmerizing live performances from the renowned German composer and producer, featuring soaring ambient and neo-classical piano from one of the greatest contemporary musicians around.

It provides an immersive experience which takes the viewer directly back to their own live experience if they have had the privilege of experiencing Frahm live.

This intimate and enthralling show is captured on handheld cameras, centring the viewer amid a unique musical experience, featuring his trademark soaring ambient and neo-classical piano. He creates immense soundscapes and amazes by playing two pianos in the stunning setting of Funkhaus Berlin, renowned for its vintage grandeur and outstanding acoustics.

Nils Frahm commented: “Given the current situation and restrictions on our social life, it kind of feels like a document from another time or even another universe. But in fact, it’s not that long ago that my team and I were nomads, using any method of travel to play yet another show the next day. The film was shot by my friend Benoit Toulemonde and his wonderful team during our performances at Funkhaus Berlin in December 2018. Manually operated cameras were placed in the audience, carefully hidden to not disturb the listeners. It was about time to capture my concerts in picture and sound, trying to freeze a moment of a two-year journey around the globe.


Maybe tonight is the night where everything works out perfectly, and things fall into place? Usually, things go wrong with concerts, so by combining our favourite moments of four performances, we were able to achieve what I was trying to do in these two years of touring: getting it right! When you hear the applause on these recordings, you should know that I was smiling happily, being a tad proud and feeling blessed to share these moments with you. Love, Nils

Streaming exclusively on MUBI:    The live album of the same name is out on Erased Tapes.