Run time: 97mins

Director: Robert Connolly

Cast: Ed Oxenbould, Sam Worthington, David Wenham, Terry Norris

Synopsis: When Dylan’s talent for creating paper planes suddenly emerges, he needs the help of family and friends in order to fulfil his dream of reaching the World Paper Plane Championships in Japan.



Director and co-writer Robert Connolly (The Bank, 2001; Balibo, 2009; The Slap, TV mini series, 2011) brings great imagination and charm to this children’s film, about a young Australian boy’s passion for flight and his challenge to compete in the World Paper Plane Championships in Japan.

Dylan, aged 12 (the talented Ed Oxenbould from The Visit, 2015) lives with his severely depressed, unemployed father, Jack (Sam Worthington), who is in grief stricken meltdown over the death of Dylan’s mother.

While coping with this and the fact that he doesn’t have the latest smartphone and is being harassed by a school bully, Dylan discovers he has a talent for a very old fashioned pastime – paper-plane throwing.

This is a very warm and likeable coming of age drama with an excellent cast and a believable inter-generational script by Robert Connolly and Steve Worland.

The scenes with Dylan’s grandfather (Terry Norris), a wily old ex-pilot and charmer in his old folk’s home are particularly charming and amusing.

Paper Planes is entertaining fun for all the family about a pursuit and competition that you probably didn’t know existed.

Images courtesy of Lionsgate