September 29


Sunshine on Leith

8563 (1) 13123


Run time: 100mins

Distributor: Entertainment

Director: Dexter Fletcher         Cast: Peter Mullan, Jane Horrocks, George MacKay, Kevin Guthrie, Antonia Thomas, Freya Mavor, Paul Brannigan

Synopsis: Best pals Davy (George MacKay) and Ally (Kevin Guthrie) are returning from duty in Afghanistan to their homes in Leith, Edinburgh. The lads now want to live their lives to the fullest after their brush with death. They want to fall in love and find romance: Ally with Davy’s sister Liz (Freya Mavor), and Davy with Yvonne (Antonia Thomas), his little sister’s best friend from work. Meanwhile, their parents Rab (Peter Mullan) and Jean (Jane Horrocks) are busy planning their 25th wedding anniversary. Everything’s going great, until a revelation from Rab’s past threatens to tear the family and all three couples apart. Dexter Fletcher directs Sunshine on Leith; a jubilant, heartfelt musical about the power of home, family and love, adapted from the acclaimed stage musical by Stephen Greenhorn and featuring the euphoric music of The Proclaimers.

This is the film to warm your hearts on a dreich night.  A terrific ensemble cast bring this foot-tapping musical featuring Charlie and Craig’s best loved hits to the big screen with charm and energy by the bucketful.  Plus there is the chance to hear Peter Mullan sing and play an ordinary dad for a change.

But other stars of the film – thanks to cinematographer, George Richmond are Edinburgh and Leith which look stunning in this feel-good film.  From the dramatic city skyline and historic Old Town to the cobbled streets and cosy, village atmosphere of Leith it looks breathtaking.

The Glasgow locations look not bad too!

Photographs courtesy of Entertainment Films