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Moonage Daydream (15)

Moonage Daydream (15)


Director: Brett Morgen


Synopsis: Moonage Daydream illuminates the life and genius of David Bowie, one of the most prolific and influential artists of our time.  Told through sublime, kaleidoscopic, never-before-seen footage, performances and music, Brett Morgen’s feature length experiential cinematic odyssey explores David Bowie’s creative, musical and spiritual journey. The film is guided by David Bowie’s own narration and is the first officially sanctioned film on the artist.


Written, directed, produced and edited by Brett Morgen [ The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002), Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015), Jane (2017)] this spectacular film uses previously unreleased footage from Bowie’s personal archives including live concert footage. It is the first film to be officially authorized by Bowie’s estate and takes its title from the 1971 Bowie song of the same name.

Moonage Daydream had its world premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, where it received positive reviews. Brett Morgen’s dazzling, comprehensive memoir of David Bowie’s life and career, is a creative sensory overload.

In a rapturous, expressionistic journey through the life, work and interests of David Bowie, Moonage Daydream is no conventional documentary but a genre-defying cinematic experience which lets Bowie – one of the most prolific and influential artists of our time – do almost all the talking.

The life and genius of David Bowie covering his career as musician, actor and focusing on his work from the early 1970s to the year 2000 his relevance, his influence, the brilliance of so much of his music, and the basics of his personal history are featured in extensive unseen live footage, clips from cinema that inspired him and interpretative animated sequences.

“I hate to waste days,” David Bowie said and the film includes forty exclusively remastered Bowie songs from his 54-year career becoming one of the most iconic, creative and global rock stars of all time.

Moonage Daydream is destined to be one of the defining cultural moments of the year with mind gripping music and a mesmerising and rapturous, expressionistic journey through Bowie’s creative, spiritual, and musical journey.

Brett Morgen has succeeded in encapsulating the life of David Bowie in a way that mirrors the ingenuity, invention and creative brilliance of the man himself. His distinctive cinematic style that layers archive material, audio recordings, image montages and innovative sound design, making Moonage Daydream a magnum opus of this approach – like a kaleidoscope capturing and emotionally connecting us to Bowie as performer, artist and thinker.

“I’ve had an incredible life — I’d love to do it again,” Bowie says in a voiceover. And in its innovative, dreamlike fashion, the film offers the full account of that life to date.

A cinematic odyssey for Bowie fans especially, Moonage Daydream takes an appropriately distinctive approach to one of modern music’s most mercurial artists and should be seen on as big a screen as possible; and if you don’t arrive a fan you will leave as one.

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