December 16


The Story Of Film: A New Generation (15)


The Story Of Film: A New Generation (15)

Director: Mark Cousins

Runtime: 2h 40 mins

Synopsis: Mark Cousins offers hope and optimism while he explores different movies and talks about how technology is changing the course of cinema in a new century and how Covid continues the process.


Critically-acclaimed writer and filmmaker Mark Cousins is always unprecedented, avant-garde, experimental and inventive in his work. From his landmark epic documentaries: The Story of Film: An Odyssey [(TV Mini Series documentary) (15 episodes) 2011] and Women Make Film: A New Road Movie through Cinema (2018) to smaller-in-scale projects like The Eyes of Orson Welles (2018), A Story of Children and Film (2013), The Story of Looking (2021), Cousins’ work always educates, informs and entertains in a personal and original creative form. A new film is always a highly anticipated event.

Examining the most powerful movie images of the last decade, Mark Cousins now updates his classic, seminal, The Story of Film, with A New Generation. Spanning from 2010 to 2021, including the recent pandemic, Cousins spins an epic and hopeful tale with film clips – from 97 films! – showing innovation, from around the globe as he helps to uncover new ways of seeing and being in our eclectic and voluminous digital age.

A decade after The Story of Film: An Odyssey, an expansive and influential inquiry into the state of moviemaking in the 20th century, in The Story of Film: A New Generation, Cousins turns his sharp, meticulously honed gaze on world cinema from 2010 to 2021. He uses a surprising range of works —including Joker, Frozen and Cemetery of Splendour — as launchpads to explore recurring themes and emerging motifs, from the evolution of film language, to technology’s role in moviemaking today, to shifting identities in 21st-century world cinema.

Touching on everything from Parasite and The Farewell to Black Panther and Lover’s Rock, Cousins seeks out films, filmmakers and communities under-represented in traditional film histories, with a particular emphasis on Asian and Middle Eastern works, as well as boundary-pushing documentaries and films that see gender in new ways.  When the current pandemic recedes, Cousins ponders what comes next in the streaming age: how have we changed as cinephiles, and how will moviegoing continue to transform in the digital century, to our collective joy and wonder.

The Story of Film: A New Generation, which screened at the Cannes film festival, is an epic work and a true celebration of what cinema is and what it means to us; it is essential viewing for any film lover.

Mark Cousins’ The Story of Film: A New Generation is in cinemas and on demand from 17 December.


Images courtesy of: Dogwoof