Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner

Runtime:  118 mins

Cast: Elyas M’Barek, Alexandra Maria Lara, Heiner Lauterbach, Manfred Zapatka, Jannis Niewöhner, Rainer Bock, Catrin Striebeck, Pia Stutzenstein, Peter Prager, Hannes Wegener and Franco Nero as Fabrizio Collini


Synopsis: What makes a completely blameless man commit a murder? A young lawyer stumbles upon a vast conspiracy while investigating a brutal murder case. The Collini Case is based on the bestselling novel of the same name, inspired by one of the biggest legal scandals in German history.


Directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner [Beat (2018), Summer Storm (2004), Soulmates (2020)]

What makes a completely blameless man commit a murder? Capar Leinen [Elyas M’Barek (This Crazy Heart (2017), Suck Me Shakespeer (Fack ju Göhte) trilogy (2013)] is confronted with this question as a public defender in The Collini Case, a slick courtroom drama based on the eponymous international best-seller by Ferdinand von Schirach, inspired by one of the biggest legal scandals in German history.

The young attorney Caspar Leinen is assigned his first major case when appointed by the court as a defence counsel to Fabrizio Collini [Franco Nero – Tristana (1970), Django (1966), Death Rite (1975), Querelle (1982)] an unassuming 70-year-old Italian accused of killing the respected industrial magnate, Hans Meyer [Manfred Zapatka –The Himmler Project (2000)], seemingly without motive. But there is much more at stake for Caspar than his first big case as a defence lawyer. The victim was not only the grandfather of his childhood sweetheart Johanna [Alexandra Maria Lara – Control (2007), Downfall (2004)], but also a mentor and father figure to him in his youth.  Although a non-guilty verdict would propel his career, the damage to his personal relationships would be irreversible. Despite this, Caspar delves deeper into the high-profile case, unravelling the secret troubled past of the family he thought he knew so well, forcing him to stand up for justice.

The Collini Case benefits from a world-class cast and the interesting narrative structure which subtly and gradually breaks the events down into different time levels and raises major moral questions about the subject of justice. It deals with one of the biggest scandals in German legal history which is not widely known about.


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Images courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures