Runtime: 7 minutes

Cast: Szilvia Czobor, Ilona Somogyi, Margit Gyovai

Synopsis: During a film course led by Yvette Biro at the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film in 1995, the students were shown a black-and-white photo taken by Lucien Herve in 1952, and they were given the task of writing a short film based on it. Three women are standing at the outskirts of a village, looking out of the picture in the same direction. This short one-shot film shows what the Herve photo does not.


Winner of the Short Film Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1996, Wind (Szel) by Marcell Iványi has become one of the classics of European short film. During a course at the Hungarian Academy of Drama & Film the directing students were shown a still image by Jewish photographer Lucien Hervé, ‘Three Women’ (Audincourt, France, 1951) and given the task of making a short film based on it. Thus Wind (often still referred to by its original title of Szel) begins with three women standing at the outskirts of a village, looking out of picture. The film imagines a disturbing extension, as we see what they (may) see…

In every photo, exists a point, a detail that attracts the eye. A particular detail, strange and prominent. This detail takes on an emotional tone; it determines the spectator’s state of being in relation to this photo.

Wind is a stern, raw, one breath-holding journey to an even darker conclusion. One picture, three women, something incomprehensible, something so powerful and ominous – one incredible long and slowly changing tracking shot progressing and revealing the (possible) story behind a photograph…

An unmissable opportunity to see this great, classic short film, now streaming on MUBI


Images courtesy of MUBI