Run time: 1h56m

Director Oren Moverman

Cast Richard Gere, Jena Malone, Ben Vereen, Steve Buscemi, Kyra Sedgwick

Synopsis: Time Out of Mind offers a soulful account of one man’s life on the streets of New York City. George (Richard Gere) spends his days in search of the next meal and a place to rest. Accepted into the largest homeless men’s shelter in Manhattan, he makes a rare human connection with a gregarious former jazz player (Ben Vereen) who encourages him to reconnect with his estranged daughter. Time Out of Mind is an expertly crafted city symphony graced by a poignant performance from Gere.

10% of the film’s profits will be donated to charities Crisis and Centrepoint.

URL: http://www.ifcfilms.com/films/time-out-of-mind

A bold and moving film about homelessness. Richard Gere gives an unforgettable, emotional performance as George – whom we first meet sleeping in a bath in a derelict New York building, from which he is evicted.

We follow him as he tries to survive and eventually reconnect with humanity. Shot in a documentary-style with telephoto lenses by director Oren Moverman (Rampant ( 2011), The Messenger (2009), we know and learn nothing of George’s back-story about how he ended up homeless

Realistically grim and a perfect depiction of the invisibility and isolation of the homeless in society, this has been a very personal project for humanitarian and philanthropist Gere who has spent twelve years evolving and bringing the film to the screen


Richard Gere talks about Time Out of Mind at the Glasgow Film Festival premiere 28/2/16:



Images courtesy of Altitude Films