Run time: 116mins

Director: Gabriele Muccino

Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Russell Crowe, Aaron Paul, Jane Fonda, Diane Kruger, Bruce Greenwood, Kylie Rogers

Synopsis: A love story between a father and daughter living in New York City. The narrative moves back and forth between the 1980’s where Jake Davis, a Pulitzer-winning novelist and widower, struggles with mental illness as he tries to raise his 5-year old daughter, Katie, and 30-year-old Katie’s life in present-day Manhattan where she battles the demons that stem from her troubled childhood.

URL: www.warnerbros.co.uk/movies/fathers-and-daughters

Director Gabriele Muccino (The Pursuit of Happyness, 2006; Seven Pounds, 2008; The Last Kiss, 2001) reunites Amanda Seyfried and Russell Crowe – who both appeared in Les Miserables (2012) – in this old fashioned tear jerker with a stellar ensemble cast.

Fathers and Daughters unfolds in two different time zones.  In the late 1980s, Jake Davis (Russell Crowe) is a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist left struggling to raise his young daughter Katie (Kylie Rogers) on his own after his wife dies in a car accident.

This tragedy is further compounded when Jake himself suffers failing health and a mental breakdown and Katie is sent to live with her uncle and aunt (Bruce Greenwood and Diane Kruger).

25 years later, the adult Katie (Amanda Seyfried), now a psychologist, remains scarred by her traumatic formative experiences and has trouble maintaining relationships. However, it turns out that her latest partner, Cameron (Aaron Paul), is a big fan of her father’s writing.

The film is an emotionally powerful exploration of the parental bond, and as the story develops, we learn of the extraordinary lengths to which Jake is prepared to go to hold on to the most important thing in his life – his daughter.

The timescale narratives are skilfully interwoven in this lush emotional film, with good looking cinematography from Shane Hurlbut and an atmospheric score by Paolo Buonvino. The film should appeal most to diehard romantics who love old-style Hollywood films.

Images courtesy of Warner Bros