Run time: 110mins


Director: Philippe Falardeau

Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany, Emmanuel Jal, Kuoth Weil, Corey Stoll

Synopsis:  When civil war breaks out in Sudan millions of people are left without homes and families. From these refugees, a small group – the so-called Lost Boys – are given a chance to resettle in America, where their encounter with an employment agency counsellor changes all of their lives forever.


This timely film from director Philippe Falardeau (Monsieur Lazhar, 2011; Congorama, 2006) movingly recounts the story of the child refugees who, after escaping a massacre by militiamen in their rural village in South Sudan, begin a 1,000 mile trek to safety.  The first part of the film harrowingly depicts their struggle as a microcosm of the lives of over 20,000 displaced and/or orphaned children who became known as ‘The Lost Boys’ of the Second Sudanese Civil War.  Stunning cinematography from Ronald Plante contrasts the beautiful African scenery with the horror of the killing in Sudan.

When Mamere (Arnold Oceng) and his companions Jeremiah, Paul and Abital reach the Kakuma refugee camp they find they have been separated from his older brother Theo who it transpires has sacrificed himself to the rebels to save his fellows. The second part of the film deals with the culture clash when, as adults, they win a lottery to resettle in the USA, where they meet Carrie Davis (Reece Witherspoon) an employment counsellor, who helps them transform their lives.

The Good Lie is a sensitive film which avoids all the stereotypical clichés and is elevated to another level by the amazing performances from the ensemble of Sudanese actors – themselves former refugees and child soldiers.

The end result is an inspiring, uplifting and superbly crafted film which highlights serious issues but is never devoid of humour or humanity.

Images courtesy of Entertainment One UK