Run time 83 mins


Directors: James Hall, Edward Lovelace

Cast: Edwyn Collins, Grace Maxwell, William Collins, Yasmin Paige



Synopis: Imagine your mind has been wiped: memories, knowledge, experiences, language – every word you ever spoke, has vanished.

If eventually you found the words, what would you say? For Edwyn Collins, ‘The Possibilities Are Endless’.

The celebrated lyricist, Edwyn Collins could only say two phrases after waking up: ‘Grace Maxwell’ and ‘The Possibilities Are Endless’.



This documentary is the incredible story of Edwyn Collins, former lead singer of Scottish indie band Orange Juice and a successful solo artist in his own right, who suffered a haemorrhagic stroke in February 2005 and almost died. Miraculously he pulled through, despite contracting MRSA after undergoing a risky operation, but had to face a lengthy and arduous rehabilitation programme to learn how to walk, speak and play the guitar again.

Placed inside Edwyn’s mind, we embark on a remarkable journey from the brink of death back to language, music, life and love. With the help of his wife Grace, Edwyn submerges himself in a landscape of memories, as he tries to unlock the story of his past. More than a story of determination against all odds, it is an intimate and life-affirming tale of rediscovery.


The Possibilities Are Endless is the third feature from exciting new British directing talents, Edward Lovelace and James Hall (filmmakers behind the global box office hit, Katy Perry: Part of Me). The documentary blends intimate retrospective moments with real life scenes to paint a unique portrait of Edwyn Collins, and his wife and manager Grace Maxwell, capturing Collins’ exhilarating return to writing, drawing and performing music.


The Possibilities Are Endless is filmed from Edwyn’s perspective, inviting the viewer into his mind-set, allowing for a rare immersive experience; unlike the standard documentary style, it uses an experimental abstract style with a collage of impressions and images mirroring the confusion felt in Edwyn’s mind after his stroke.

Never mawkish, the film has a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack composed by Edwyn and stunning cinematography – particularly in the Highland village of Helmsdale – by Richard Stewart. A beautiful film of human endurance and love which is immersive, uplifting and ultimately inspiring.

Images courtesy of Pulse Films


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