Run time: 85mins

Director: Steven Knight

Cast: Tom Hardy, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Olivia Coleman, Danny Webb

Synopsis: Tom Hardy (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) plays Ivan Locke. LOCKE is the story of one man’s life unravelling in a tension-fuelled 90-minute race against time. Ivan Locke has the perfect family, his dream job, and tomorrow should be the crowning moment of his career. But one phone call will force him to make a decision that will put it all on the line.


A building manager, Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) leaves the footprint of a huge building project in Wales, gets into his BMW car and drives south. It is the night before the biggest job of his career. He should be going home to watch a football match in the bosom of his loving family, but one phone call changes all that.  A one night stand with Bethan (Olivia Coleman) has resulted in a pregnancy and she is about to give birth.  Locke doesn’t love her but has agreed to be there as she has no-one else.

Locke’s life is starting to unravel and we will watch it totally crumble as he makes and receives a series of phone calls on the motorway drive to London.

Tom Hardy is the one actor we see in this fraught, claustrophobic, night time drive and his magnificent and mesmerising performance utterly convinces that he is the only contemporary actor who could carry this gripping script alone on screen.

UK Director Steven Knight (Hummingbird) has written and directed a cinematic tour de force.  The unseen ensemble cast are terrific also with Ruth Wilson as his wife Katrina, Andrew Scott as his colleague Donal, Danny Webb as his boss Cassidy.

An original and refreshingly creative film which demonstrates how a life can change irrevocably without violence, histrionics and screaming.  Locke is a down-to-earth and controlled man who attempts to bring order and to make us care about him, as he attempts to hold his life together.


Images courtesy of Lionsgate UK


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