Run time: 94mins

Director: Rob Minkoff

Voice Cast: Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Ariel Winter, Allison Janney, Stanley Tucci, Mel Brooks, Stephen Colbert, Stephen Tobolowsky


We know that dogs are intelligent…..but Mr Peabody!  This delightful Dreamworks animation is about a time-travelling dog and his adopted boy, Sherman

Mr Peabody is a business titan, inventor, scientist, gourmand, two-time Olympic medallist, Nobel laureate and genius –and also a dog.

The WABAC machine is his most ingenious invention in which Mr Peabody and Sherman hurtle back in time to experience world-changing events first hand and interact with some of greatest people in history.

Mr Peabody and Sherman is an all-new comedy adventure for the whole family. Emmy Award winner Ty Burrell (Modern Family) voices Mr Peabody, the world’s smartest person who happens to be a dog. When his “pet” boy Sherman, voiced by Max Charles, uses their time traveling WABAC machine without permission, events in history spiral out of control to disastrous and comical results. It’s up to this most unexpected of father-son teams to somehow put things back on track before the space-time continuum is irreparably destroyed.

Based on a 1960’s short ‘Peabody’s Improbable History’, Dreamworks and director Rob Minkoff (The Lion King) have updated the characters in this entertaining and vivid adventure.

An incident on Sherman’s first day at school sparks a series of events which could threaten Mr Peabody’s custody of him.  School mate Penny (Ariel Winter) and her parents are invited for dinner in an attempt to patch things up when Herman tries to impress her by using the WABAC time travelling machine and ends up rewriting history.  Ancient Egypt, The Trojan War, Renaissance Florence and the French Revolution are all visited and several famous American Presidents pop up also in this witty script.

The voice cast and animation and effects are terrific and there is a Peter Andre song Kid’ which is destined to be a hit.  The story is good for all ages – the mad-cap energy will entertain younger children with the bonus that they may learn some history.

Images courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox