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May 28


THE HUMAN FACTOR (15) Director: Dror Moreh Runtime: 1h76m Synopsis: There was a time when peace appeared to be just within reach. What went so horribly wrong? URL: From the Oscar®-nominated director, Dror Moreh of The Gatekeepers (2012) comes the untold, behind-the-scenes story of the United States’ 30-year effort to secure peace in the […]

May 26

Surge (15)

Surge (15) Director: Aneil Karia Runtime: 105 minutes Cast: Ben Whishaw, Ellie Haddington, Ian Gelder, Jasmine Jobson Synopsis: Joseph is trapped in a soulless job, living a life devoid of emotion and meaning. After an impulsive act of rebellion, he goes on a bold and reckless journey of self-liberation in the city of London. URL: […]

May 23

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet Director: Ana Katz Runtime: 73 minutes Cast: Daniel Katz, Julieta Zylberberg, Valeria Lois, Mirella Pascual, Carlos Portaluppi SYNOPSIS: Sebastian is an ordinary man in his thirties devoted to his loyal dog and working in a slew of temporary jobs. As he moves fitfully through adulthood, he navigates love, loss […]

May 20

Charlatan (15)

Charlatan (15) Director: Agnieszka Holland Runtime: 118 minutes Cast: Ivan Trojan, Josef Trojan, Juraj Loj, Jaroslava Pokorná, Miroslav Hanuš, Jan Vlasák Synopsis: Few true stories tread the thin line between good and evil as precariously as that of Jan Mikolášek, a 20th century Czech herbal healer whose great success masked the grimmest of secrets. Mikolášek […]

May 10

Cowboys (15)

Cowboys (15) Director: Anna Kerrigan Runtime: 1hr 23min Cast: Steve Zahn, Sasha Knight,Jillian Bell and Ann Dowd Synopsis: Separated from his wife, a well-intentioned father runs off with his transgender son into the Montana wilderness. URL: Director/writer Anna Kerrigan [Hot Seat (2017), The Impossibilities TV series (2015)] brings us Cowboys, a very timely and […]

May 07

House of Cardin (12A)

House of Cardin (12A) Director: P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes Runtime: 1hr 38m Cast: Pierre Cardin, Rodrigo Basilicati, Kenzō Takada, Sharon Stone, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Philippe Starck, Naomi Campbell, Jean-Michel Jarre, Alice Cooper, Dionne Warwick, Kenzo Takada Synopsis: Millions know the iconic logo and ubiquitous signature, but few know the man behind the larger-than-life label. Ultimately, […]